JAG DSV Dosing valve

The JAG DSV is an efficient solution for specific dosed addition of liquids to powder.

The feeding is controlled automatically. Thus the mixing times in powder mixers are reduced significantly.

A double jacket heats or cools the liquid.

Additionally the JAG DSV can be used as CIP-jet.



  1. Short mixing times in powder mixers
  2. Fully automated and precise dosing of minuscule or large quantities
  3. Cooling or heating of the liquid (equipped with a double jacket)
  4. Used as a CIP jet to clean powder mixers automatically

JAG PAD powder discharge and dosing Device

The JAG PAD powder discharge and dosing device is specially designed for viscous bulk solids and combines discharge and dosing functions in a single unit.

A pneumatic drive lifts the cone. The bulk solids flow out through the annular gap created in this way. Continuous lifting and lowering of the cone prevent the mix from breaking up. As a result even bulk solids in the form of flakes flow readily.

Combined with JAG dosing software, the PAD permits ultra-precise dosing of bulk solids with positive or negative weighing. The parameterisation can be self-correcting or adjustable with set values at the customer’s request.



  1. Easy to clean, CIP/SIP compatible
  2. Can be swivelled away from the process
  3. No mechanical parts in the product flow
  4. Pneumatic function
  5. High dosing accuracy
  6. Reliable discharge even of products which do not flow easily
  7. Available as ATEX version

JAG PES powder infeed system

The JAG PES injector system has been specially developed and designed for powder solids infeed. 

Flexibility and interchangeability of the key elements enable all kinds of powder products to be fed into liquid media with the same device. For products which do not flow easily a mechanical discharge device can be integrated. The optimised and adjustable nozzle shape ensures wetting of the powder already in the injector system.

The result: homogeneous mixes free from lumps.



  1. Dust-free power infeed
  2. No humidity in the powder stock
  3. High viscosities achievable
  4. Shorter mixing times
  5. Good wetting prevents lump formation
  6. Homogeneous mixing
  7. High flexibility
  8. CIP/SIP compatible

JAG FLD 32 fluidising nozzle

The JAG FLD 32 Fluidising nozzle is an air nozzle which is incorporated into powder silos for powder discharge. Compressed air or nitrogen is injected into the powder medium by pneumatic energy.

This improves the flow characteristics of the product and prevents bridge formation.



  1. Prevention of bridging/core flow
  2. No projecting nozzle parts on the blow-out side
  3. Accessible outside the silo, container or funnel
  4. Nozzle head closes automatically; no fouling can occur
  5. CIP compatible
  6. Made entirely of stainless steel
  7. Good nozzle response even with minimal air injection
  8. Available as ATEX version

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