Focus on process automation

Focus on process automation means a reduction to essentials. A simple, process-oriented programming language, just 5 powerful control modules and decentralised functions enable optimised automation solutions to be achieved for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Focus on process automation permits program changes with no interruption of production; commissioning times are reduced to an absolute minimum and the systems are fully scalable.



  1. Partners who have very good process knowledge
  2. Flexibility in arriving at solutions:
    As a manufacturer we can adapt products quickly and efficiently to changing needs and specific requirements of a particular project
  3. The right products and optimised support thanks to close involvement of developers in customer projects
  4. Assurance of long-term plant operation and continuous extension and optimisation with minimum interruptions of operation


The JAG PdiCS automation system is specially designed for process automation and undergoes constant further development based on experience gained with project implementation.

The system is therefore optimised to meet the specific needs of process plant operators.


  1. Changes can be made while operations continue
  2. Extensions and conversions can be achieved with minimum interruptions of operations
  3. High plant efficiency thanks to multi-batch capability and recipes with parallel processes
  4. Very high degree of automation
  5. Maximum traceability


Operators of process plants frequently have to contend with automation solutions that are partially obsolete and lacking in overall uniformity. The plants have been built up and optimised over a period of years and plant components have often been acquired from other companies.

Efficient computer replacement

Computer replacement provides an opportunity for consolidation. This provides an opportunity for the renewal of automation parts and to make changes to the process, combine functions and even install a higher level plant control system.


  1. Interruptions of operation kept to a minimum
  2. Dependable computer replacement thanks to good planning, a proven procedure and extensive simulation possibilities for our products 

JAG Retrofit voix VO

Maximum scalability

Just five hardware modules providing full system scalability

Powerful communication interfaces together with programming tools and firmware functions designed for decentralisation enable small, medium-sized and large plants to be built using the same five modules.


  1. Flexible topology
  2. Reduction of wiring complexity
  3. Simple plant extension
  4. Minimum spare parts requirement 

Maximum Equipment efficiency

Ideal interaction between PC software and PdiCS application

The JAG FPS.net PC software facilitates flexible management of recipes and production batches. The JAG PdiCS user program incorporates a multi-batch recipe interpreter suitable for parallel processing. Interaction between these two elements is the basis for highly efficient plant operation.


  1. Maximum production capacity through optimised plant use
  2. Secure separation and traceability of production batches

minimal overall costs

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Automation solutions by JAG help to protect the capital investment and minimise costs over the entire plant service life. This is based on our own control system which can be individually tailored and optimised to meet our clients’ needs.


  1. Cost reduction
  2. Long service life of plant

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