JAG software – from field level to ERP

JAG software for process automation

With our own products for the operations control (MES), process control (SCADA) und plant control levels (PLC programs), we are able to offer a comprehensive solution from field level to ERP link. 

The key to success is the practical convenience and optimised interaction between the different components. We are able to ensure both thanks to our own software development and cooperation of developers in customer projects.

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Highly automated plant control

In highly automated plants, specialised applications are used for planning the manufacture, for production management and for display.



  1. Very high degree of automation
  2. Excellent utilisation of capacity thanks to multi-batch capability
  3. Optimum traceability
  4. Continuous system from field level to ERP (MES, SCADA, PLC)

JAG FPS manufacture planning system

Mit With JAG FPS, recipes, articles and production batches are managed as part of the manufacture planning system. 

The operations can be combined with great flexibility when defining recipes. This enables all kinds of different recipes to be handled without any change of program, even with parallel processes.


JAG PFS production management system

The JAG PFS production management system handles user interventions (e.g. for acknowledgements and taking samples); generally with touch panel PCs installed directly at the plant.


JAG PVI Visualization

The JAG PVI Visualization shows the plant in the form of an R&I diagram. This makes it possible to view the plant state at all times.


Web-based plant control

In small and medium-sized plants, JAG WebFPS web-based software is used in combination with the JAG PdiCS control system.

JAG WebFPS covers a broad range of applications. Alongside classical process plants, industrial applications can also be handled, e.g. for the configuration and operation of robots.



  1. Web-based all-in-one solution with facility for modular extension 
  2. PCs, tablets and smartphones as the client

Software modules

Many application-specific software solutions are available alongside the standard products for plant control, e.g.:

JAG User Manager
configuration of user rights and access control management

JAG Alarm Handler
Efficient handling of alarm lists

JAG Maintenance Manager
Maintenance work planning and optimisation

JAG BDS Emulator
Emulation of operating stations with function keys

JAG OPC Server
Data exchange with display and control systems with OPC client

In-house software development enables us to respond with great flexibility to application and project-specific requirements; we can extend existing systems or produce new tools.

The perfect interaction between PC and JAG PdiCS-based software is the basis for achieving customised solutions which benefit from the specific strengths of the   PC and PLC technology.


  1. Existing solutions for numerous applications
  2. Flexibility and competence as a result of in-house software development
  3. Expedient and practical solutions

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