Turnkey process plants for food and pharmaceutical industries

plan - build - run


As a general contractor and system integrator we design, develop and install high-quality turnkey process plants.

Our customers include medium-sized and large enterprises in the food and pharmaceutical and many other industries.

JAG has all the in-house expertise and resources needed to design and build an automated production plant.



  1. Low project risk:
    A single discussion partner for engineering, implementation and operational support.

  2. Maximum Overall Equipment Efficiency:
    The process, the process plant and the automation solution will be planned, specified, implemented and optimized by the same project team.
  3. Low operating costs:
    Process know-how and an automation solution tailored to the needs of the process industry permit maximum automation.



The efficiency and productivity of an overall plant are determined at the engineering stage.

Experienced project managers and process engineers at JAG develop plant concepts which guarantee maximum all-round plant efficiency.

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  • Project leadership, project management
  • Definition of needs, consultancy
  • Process optimisation
  • Trials
  • Plant concepts
  • Basic engineering
  • User requirements specifications (URS)
  • Detailed specifications (FS/DS)
  • Design specifications (process components, block diagrams, R&I diagrams, plant layouts, 3D designs)
  • Definition of traceability principles (FS/DS)


Turnkey process plant construction is one of our core areas of expertise. We take responsibility for costs, completion dates, quality and function.



  • Definition, manufacture and supply of components and assemblies
  • Software development and parameterisation

  • Assembly, insulation, passivation

  • Factory acceptance

  • System integration
  • Simulation and testing on site
  • Commissioning, parameterisation, final adjustment
  • Works acceptance and qualification, if required with endoscopy and ferrite measurement and in compliance with GMP and GaMP standards
  • Risk analyses compliant with FMEA standards 


Our consultancy and services after commissioning ensure maximum availability and failsafe operation of the plant for decades. 



  • Customer training
  • Maintenance
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Operational support, consultancy
  • Process optimisation, plant optimisation
  • Extension and modification of production plants

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Leader in process technology. Engineering and construction of turnkey process plant for the food, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Plant engineering, basic engineering, plant construction and process automation are all part of our range of services, as too is the implementation of process control technology. Our automation solution and process control systems (MES, SCADA, PLC) are made to measure for the process industry.