Productivity. Safety. Sustainability.

We automate full process plants with high-performance software and control systems.

Process automation – what is your goal?

Are you aiming to maximise plant performance? Ensure system availability at all times? Or are you primarily concerned with output quality and traceability? Do you want to ensure sustainability and protect resources?

We are world leaders in process automation. Customers from all over industry value our services and solutions in this area. We offer careful automation planning, a modern software portfolio, clever batch control and innovative process visualisation.

Whatever your goals in automation, we love a challenge. We are the one-stop shop for all-round solutions and long-term after-sales services.

Greater productivity.

Increase availability and performance.

More safety.

Safe and reliable processes for quality products.

Resource optimisation.

Ecologically and economically sustainable effects.

Software solutions and control systems.

From the ERP interface to field level.

Success Story

Retrofitting a cheese plant.

Taking on resource waste with automation.

Ready for the smart factory: the new automation solution for Cremo makes the existing production facility fit for the future.

Project services

From key solution components to exemplary service, you can trust JAG.

Robotics solutions

We develop and integrate systems and solutions that help you on the way to the smart factory of the future.