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Our automation systems boost performance and availability.

Get productive with automation

Our automation systems increase the performance and availability of process plants, as well as production quality.

Automatic cleaning and sterilisation

We are the experts for automating cleaning and sterilisation processes, regardless of whether your plant uses liquid or powdered media. Our CIP/SIP systems use downtimes (e.g. at night or just before start of business) and achieve consistent results thanks to excellent repeatability.

In-process monitoring

We integrate quality measurements from the recipe in the processes. Our IPC automation solutions interactively guide the operator using pH measurement, filter integrity tests and measurements of conductivity, density and turbidity. The results are documented directly in the EBR, which is faster, cheaper and more reliable than sending samples to a laboratory.

Multi-batch processes

Multi-batch operation involves processing multiple batches on a single production line simultaneously. This can boost the level of automation in your plant. Locking mechanisms ensure production and cleaning processes run alongside each other, while reliably preventing contamination. Getting the most out of a process plant in this way enables you to achieve greater efficiency. And this can be enhanced further through the use of robotics.

KPI-based performance analysis

How often are plants at a standstill, and for how long? What are the reasons for this? Our JAG OEE software module provides the answers, letting you make decisions on targeted optimisation measures in order to get a grip on failures, reduce downtimes and achieve consistently high quality standards. Graphical display makes assessing the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and further KPIs child’s play.

Maintenance during operation

Our automation solutions make it possible to block parts of running process plants in order to perform maintenance without interrupting operations and keeping disturbances to a minimum. This can be a particularly worthwhile investment during time-consuming processes like calibrating temperature and pH sensors, or when expanding plant functionality.

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Boost your performance
Boost your performance
Make your systems more productive with JAG OEE

Boost your performance.

Make your systems more productive with JAG OEE.

Our intuitive operator display provides a clear overview of availability, performance, product quality and many other indicators.


The process automation platform.

JAG MES manufacturing execution system.

Data and analysis in real time: digitally controlling, monitoring and optimising your plants and processes has never been easier.

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