More safety.

Recording. Traceability. Access control.

Our automation solutions ensure process and product quality.

Automation for reliable processes and products

Our automation solutions increase process reliability and ensure consistently high-end product quality.

Paperless processes

Our automation systems replace all paper-based processes, guiding the operator interactively through the processes they automatically record. Electronic batch records (EBRs) ensure traceability and safeguard processes by eliminating the errors that can occur with paper records.

Recipe-controlled operator guidance

Our automation solutions use the same recipe to enable manual and automated processes. Operators are given precise instructions for manual data entry and interaction: confirm, decide, act.

Recording and analysis of operational and production data

How did processes run in the past? And what can we learn from this for the future? Our JAG HIS software module enables insightful ad-hoc analyses, while ensuring full traceability through batch records, day records and logs.


Our genealogy software module creates a full “family tree” of all batches of raw materials and semi-finished products. Users can search up and down through this tree.

Throughout all process steps, it is therefore possible to trace the batches of raw materials and semi-finished products that we used to make an end product. This also works the other way around: users can find out which products were made using certain input batches.

Access control

Last but not least, our automation solutions protect critical functions and settings against unauthorised access. Our access control lets users specifically define access rights and require electronic signatures if necessary. Access records increase security and help implement company directives.


Maintenance made easy.

JAG MMS maintenance management system.

Reliable, efficient and cost-effective, our system monitors plant status and helps users plan and perform maintenance work.

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