Resource optimisation.

Energy. Maintenance. Control upgrade.

Our automation solutions deliver ecological and economic sustainability.

Sustainability through automation

Our automation solutions reduce resource consumption and financial outlay for maintenance and investments.

Automatic consumption data recording

How can you find out the resource consumption of a process plant? Our automation solutions let users precisely record, monitor and analyse the consumption of resources like electricity, water, steam, cooling water and compressed air.

The industry standard LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) replaces conventional manual data collection with a wireless network. Battery-powered sensors enable low-cost data transfer, unlocking whole new ways of sustainably reducing resource consumption.

Long Range Wide Area Network
Long Range Wide Area Network

Digital maintenance

Maintenance and servicing is another area with a lot of potential for automation. Our JAG MMS software module (maintenance management system) automates the planning of all maintenance tasks and uses a web-based user interface to interactively guide maintenance staff through all the necessary measures. The automated planning and execution of maintenance and repair work offers many advantages:

  • Reduced maintenance and training costs
  • Automatic status updates in the system (instead of Excel spreadsheets)
  • Increased maintenance quality

Control upgrade

We replace all the control systems with modern automation solutions. This can significantly extend the service life of a process plant. As shown in many successful retrofit projects, we can perform a control upgrade with low or ideally no downtimes.

Retrofitting is a worthwhile investment. Modernising a mechanically functional plant with intelligent automation is a much better use of resources than replacing it with an entirely new system.

Sustainable automation
Sustainable automation
Retrofitting a cheese processing plant during running production

Sustainable automation.

Retrofitting a cheese plant during running production.

Find out more about this highly successful retrofit project.


The heart of process automation.

The JAG PdiCS+ control system.

The JAG PdiCS+ can fully automate even the most demanding production processes in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

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