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Process automation software

Our proprietary software is constantly being developed further, forming the heart of our automation solutions. It covers the full spectrum of operational and process control in the software architecture below ERP level.

JAG MES Standard manufacturing execution system

JAG MES Standard is our web-based, modular software solution for the operations control level. Combined with the JAG PVI+ process visualisation, it enables efficient and convenient operation in real time.

  • 100% web based
  • Simple configuration
  • Modular construction and expansion
  • Can be operated on PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Easy remote access set-up

JAG MES Advanced manufacturing execution system

We developed JAG MES Advanced specifically for large systems. This validated product is available with an optional ERP interface. It allows users to manage, control and fully record parallel processes with complex recipes, including the ability to nest recipes.

  • Countless standard modules available
  • MES and PCS functions on a single framework without additional interfaces
  • Control of automated processes and manual interventions via the same recipe
  • Full traceability
  • Validated as application (GAMP category 4)

JAG PVI+ process visualisation

JAG PVI+ (process visualisation) is a web-based visualisation module for JAG MES. It offers vector-based images with zoom, shifting and links, as well as the ability to link the visualisation and process management.

JAG HIS historian

JAG HIS (historian) is an ultra-modern archive of historical data. Users can create customised views on the graphical interface through drag-and-drop, while searching quickly through huge quantities of data.

JAG MMS maintenance management system

JAG MMS (maintenance management system) monitors plant status and enables efficient planning and execution of all maintenance and servicing work.

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JAG OEE overall equipment effectiveness

JAG OEE makes it easy to determine, visualise and analyse overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and further KPIs. The software module uncovers weak points and error sources, and records the success of optimisation measures.


JAG PdiCS+ modules

We developed the JAG PdiCS+ modules specifically for the process industry, and are constantly enhancing them. This ensures a consistent migration path from the first generation to the latest. The modules are so powerful, it only takes three of them to fully automate even highly complex multi-batch processes.

  • Short implementation times
  • Reprogramming during ongoing operation
  • Expansions with only brief breaks in operation
  • Data exchange with third-party products via standardised protocols

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