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amotec AG für Montagetechnik

Plant installations and pipeline construction


W&P Weibel & Partner AG Process Control Systems 

Controlling and automation of pharma- and bio-processe, industrial automation


R. Wick AG

Complex client-specific robotic system solutions, standard robot cells


Good reasons for Your future with us

We are a leading supplier for turn-key process plants, and our clientele are global manufacturers in the food, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries.

Our plant and automation solutions have set benchmark standards. With us, you are at the forefront of the industry.

You are a doer! At JAG, flat hierarchies and simple structures allow you a lot of room.

Cross engineering is not a foreign concept. We support the transfer of know-how between different divisions and departments.

We have proven success with our innovative system concepts and products. Your good ideas will be implemented swiftly.



HR Manager

Lia Bachmann

+41 (0)32 374 30 38

Lia Bachmann

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JAG Jakob Ltd
Process Technology
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CH-2555 Brügg

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Leader in process technology. Engineering and construction of turnkey process plant for the food, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Plant engineering, basic engineering, plant construction and process automation are all part of our range of services, as too is the implementation of process control technology. Our automation solution and process control systems (MES, SCADA, PLC) are made to measure for the process industry.