Edition 02/2017


New ATK+ programming environment in operation at CSL Behring pharmaceutical facilities

The first fully automatic production line in the pharmaceutical industry using ATK+ is in operation at CSL Behring in Australia. The JAG PdiCS control system has been migrated to the new ATK+ programming environment.

In the course of the qualification process, JAG demonstrated that the generated machine code before and after integration is identical. This allowed costly validation processes to be avoided.

Migration to ATK+ brings benefits

  • Integration of a second identical production line with shared use of facilities (multiple-line system)
  • Efficient maintenance of the plant
  • New graphical analysis functions which simplify commissioning and support

Simultaneous Engineering with ATK+

The Automation Tool Kit ATK+ is the new programming environment for the tried and trusted JAG PdiCS+ process control system.

ATK+ is GMP-validated.

With future-oriented functions, ATK+ allows efficient implementation and commissioning. ATK+ provides effective support to teamwork.

  1. Simple reuse of program codes
  2. Simultaneous work on a user program by multiple programmers across various locations
  3. Version control with Apache Subversion
  4. Access control and recording
  5. Automatic validation tests with the aid of specialised testing software and comprehensive testing programs
  6. Graphical analysis functions for recording and analysis of trend data