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Smart maintenance with JAG MMS

The JAG MMS Maintenance Management System is monitoring the plant status and supports SOP-based plant maintenance.

Learn how the JAG MMS can help to plan and perform plant maintenance and increase traceability.

More availability with less effort.

Operational data based maintenance

Maintenance intervals are optimally scheduled based on continuously collected operational data.

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  • Scheduling of preventive maintenance
  • Activation of maintenance workbased on predefined criteria
  • Optimizing maintenance intervals

SOP guided maintenance works

Paperless SOPs on mobile companions are guiding the interventions of maintenance personnel.

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  • Paperless, SOP-based workflows
  • Paperless audit trail for executed maintenance tasks and spare parts consumption

Plant maintenance made easy with JAG MMS

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The JAG MMS Maintenance Management System enables plant owners to operate and maintain their infrastructure and production facilities in an efficient, cost effective and compliant way.


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