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Process plant components

We develop all our systems and devices to offer clever functions and additional benefits. They feature a compact design, require little maintenance, and can all be cleaned and sterilised fully automatically (CIP/SIP).

Dosing and mixing

JAG FLD 32 (fluidisation nozzle)

The JAG fluidisation nozzle uses precisely controllable blasts of air to optimise the flow properties of powdered substances when discharging from silos, containers, hoppers and separators. It is suitable for all industrial powder applications, from chemicals, pharma and colourings to paints, cosmetics and food.

  • Prevents bridge formation and core flow
  • Assembly and disassembly from outside the container
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning (CIP/SIP)
  • Suitable for retrofitting in existing process plants
  • Available in ATEX version

JAG PAD (powder discharge and dosing device)

The JAG PAD combines dosing, discharge and blocking in a single component. Continuous lifting and lowering of the cone allows smooth discharge of flaky or viscous materials. Suitable for a bulk weight of up to 450 kg (via the cone surface).

  • Prevents bridge formation and core flow
  • Highly precise dosing when combined with JAG dosing software
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning (CIP/SIP)
  • Approved for FDA and GMP-compliant applications
  • Available in ATEX version

JAG PES (powder infeed system)

Specially developed for powdered solids infeed in fluid media, users can replace central elements of the JAG PES to adjust to different flow properties. A mechanical discharge device can be integrated for powders that do not flow easily. Another important advantage is the way the nozzle wets the powder inside the injector to ensure lump-free, homogeneous mixtures.

  • Dust-free powder infeed
  • No moisture in the powder stock
  • Homogeneous mixing with short mixing times
  • High viscosity is durable
  • Suitable for CIP/SIP

JAG DSV (dosing valve)

The JAG DSV makes it possible to feed precisely dosed liquids into powder mixes. A double jacket heats or cools the liquid alongside this. The feeding is controlled automatically.

  • Shortened powder mixing times
  • Fully automatic and precise dosing of small and large quantities
  • Available in ATEX version
  • Additional benefit: can be used as a CIP nozzle for cleaning in place on powder mixers

Transporting and decanting

JAG PSC (powder separator)

The JAG powder separator works without a filter. Not only does it remove the need for replacing the filter between batches, there is also no risk of contaminating the environment.

  • Simple assembly and disassembly
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning (CIP/SIP)
  • Suitable for retrofitting in existing process plants
  • Available in ATEX version

JAG SW (diverter valve)

Specially developed for pneumatic pipe systems, the JAG diverter valve conveys powdered products via a diverter to four outputs. A pneumatic diverter system ensures a secure connection.

  • Compact design for installation in restricted space
  • Simple cleaning (CIP/SIP) and low wear
  • Excellent protection against external contamination
  • Suitable for use in cleanrooms

Valves and accessories

Seat and butterfly valves

JAG valves are designed for demanding applications in the chemicals, pharma, biotech and food industries. The spring valve drive can be easily converted from NC (normally closed) to NO (normally open).

  • Robust, easy-to-disassemble components
  • Simple cleaning, incl. CIP/SIP
  • Flexible valve configurations
  • Available with or without JAG KE (valve control unit)

JAG KE (valve control unit)

The JAG KE control unit allows users to directly control and monitor JAG valves. The respective valve position is monitored by inductive proximity switches that display the current valve position using diodes.

  • Internal ducting for simple cleaning
  • Hermetic encapsulation ensures compliance with protection class IP65
  • Quick coupling for easy compressed air connection
  • Exhaust air fed into a sealed system or discharged into the environment
  • Stainless steel pneumatic connections

CIP cleaning

JAG ASK (extendible spray ball)

The JAG ASK extendible spray ball enables thorough, fully automatic CIP in closed containers, downpipes, washing booths and infeed funnels. It is installed in the washing facility and integrated into the control system.

  • Simple, robust design
  • Available in different versions and sizes
  • Suitable for fully automatic cleaning (CIP)

ATEX certification

High safety.

We eliminate the risk of explosion.

With ATEX-certified devices and systems for use in explosive atmospheres. To achieve this, we call upon our ATEX product expertise and observe the relevant product and operational directives.

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