Processes and technology.

Control. Guidance. Monitoring.

Our highly automated plants enable precise process control, from raw material input to end product packing.

Processes and technologies for industrial procedures

Every process is a challenge. Even seemingly simple procedures like receiving raw materials, dosing powder or filling the end products require perfect solutions. Not to mention nano-level filtration or biological fermentation processes. Whatever the challenge, we provide customers with the technology they need and the best possible processes.

Fermentation in bio-reactors

Bio-reactors make it possible to ferment organic substances safely and effectively by adding enzymes, bacteria or fungi. Fully automated process guidance ensures permanent control and monitoring of the sensitive biological fermentation processes under optimum growth conditions. We design and build upstream production lines with bio-reactors for the pharmaceutical, biotech and food industries.

Mixing and homogenising

JAG specialises in mixing plants for powders and liquids. We have experience with beverages, flavourings, colourings, paints, emulsions and many more products for industry or end consumers. Inline mixing processes and the use of agitators and homogenisers are particular strengths of ours.

Separation processes

We have a deep understanding of all industrial processes that separate liquid mixtures into their components. We have used membrane technology for many years. Our sophisticated filtration plants use cutting-edge microfiltration, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration membranes. We also use various mechanical and thermal separation processes to meet customer wishes regarding yield, quality and hygiene.

  • Membrane filtration
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Nanofiltration
  • Centrifuges
  • Chromatography
  • Fractionation
  • Distillation

Powder processing

Our process technology covers all phases of powder processing, from storage and dosing to mixing, monitoring and filling. Our outstanding expertise in powder processing is the result of countless complex projects. Among our specialisations are the combination of liquid and powdered media in processing plants and the automatic cleaning of these systems. We have developed our own components for individual process stages.

  • Dosing
  • Extracting
  • Mixing/dissolving
  • Infeed of powders into liquids
  • Filling

Sterilisation and pasteurisation

We have specialised in pasteurisation since the 1970s, when we were involved in the planning and construction of the first fully automated production system in the dairy industry. Many years and countless projects later, we have become experts in the world of thermal product treatment. Our modern processing systems support industry in all thermal processes, ensuring microbiologically safe and durable products. These also include sanitisation and sterilisation procedures in the pharmaceutical industry.

CIP/SIP system cleaning

In order to reproduce safe and efficient production conditions, our process plants go through a fully automatic cleaning process at the end of each production run. We work with the customer to define the parameters for fast and thorough cleaning in place (CIP), while ensuring efficient and environmentally friendly use of water and cleaning agents. Depending on the production requirements, we can also integrate additional functions for sterilisation in place (SIP).

Special processes

Have you not found the process you are looking for in this overview? Maybe you are looking for special applications in pigging, for example. Get in touch with us anyway! We are happy to design special systems for processes and technologies outside the industrial mainstream.


Skids and package units.

Modular solutions.

We offer our customers a whole range of preassembled system solutions. These can be used as a standalone system or integrated into a full plant.

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