Robotics for medical engineering.

A complete solution for processing endoscopic lenses.

Our flexible automation solution boosts production quality and output, while relieving staff of tiring activities.

Sapphire lenses for endoscopy

Every medical boom quickly results in increased demand for the corresponding analysis and diagnostic devices. This is the case for endoscopy and sapphire lenses. In order to process large quantities of these, we were commissioned by the technology firm Blösch AG to develop a scalable, high-performance automation solution. The system also had to relieve staff of the stressful, monotonous and tiring handling of tiny parts.

Our solution

The JAG team developed a solution consisting of two robot cells. In the first cell, a pair of robot arms precisely pick the sapphire lenses. These are then scanned using laser optics in the second cell, before being exactly positioned for the subsequent edge metallisation. Without metallised edges, it would be impossible to solder the lenses into the endoscopes later on.

In the project, we developed the software, integrated the robots and accessories, and constructed the cells. As a result, Blösch AG can now achieve ambitious production goals and keep its sapphire lens processing operations in Switzerland. Alongside higher output, the new system delivers further advantages:

  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Flexible processing of around 50 lens models
  • Faster cycles
  • Reliable process reproducibility
  • Reduced staff burden

Robotic focus on sapphire lenses.

Robotics for the demands of medical technology.

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