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Safe. Precise. Collaborative.

Efficiency meets safety. Our collaborative robotics systems ensure safe teamwork between humans and machines in a shared working environment.

From competitor to colleague

Automation does not make people obsolete. The tendency towards a large mix of components and flexible small series production actually requires more frequent human intervention. This makes safe human-machine collaboration (HMC) all the more important. The human hand and the robotic arm’s grabber must be able to work safely next to and with one another.

The strengths of collaborative robotics

Collaborative robotics brings out the best in both human and machine. It combines human intuition, creativity and the ability to improvise with the mechanical working speed and repetitive accuracy of their robotic colleagues.

Opportunities and advantages
Robotic colleagues are indispensable to the smart factory of Industry 4.0.

  • Flexible uses
  • High level of production safety
  • Supports and frees up staff

Collaborative robotics.

Safe teamwork between humans and machines.

Compact information about benefits of cobots and their use in the smart factory of the future.


Robotics software.

JAG MES manufacturing execution system.

JAG MES makes controlling and monitoring complex robotics systems clear and convenient.


SlimCell: designed for the smart factory.

The ideal starting point for factory automation.

Find out more about our integration solution for the new, lightweight FANUC CRX series collaborative robot.

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