The self-propelled robot.

Autonomous. Mobile. Collaborative.

As a system manufacturer, we enable customised solutions in mobile robotics.

Autonomous mobile robots in logistics and production

Countless transportation and logistics tasks can be automated easily, affordably and securely using mobile collaborative robots. The autonomous shuttles independently search out the quickest route to their goal, divert around obstacles and avoid collisions. They can also operate doors and lifts, letting them travel across various floors.

Driverless transport shuttles

Autonomous mobile robots manoeuvre without reflectors, magnetic strips or other infrastructure. They collaborate with your employees and work in synchronisation with handling and assembly robots. We integrate these systems in warehouse, logistics and production environments.

Transport robots can be equipped or refitted with add-on modules such as containers, shelves, lifting devices and robotic arms.

  • High degree of flexibility and varied uses
  • Easy operation via smartphone, tablet or PC
  • No adjustments to the existing infrastructure required
  • No additional safety measures required
Mobile robotics
Mobile robotics
System integration of autonomous, mobile industrial robots

Mobile robotics.

System integration of autonomous, mobile industrial robots.

Our current compact information about the automation of internal transport and logistics tasks.

More than suppliers: our robotics partnersrs

Mobile Industrial Robots MiR
Mobile Industrial Robots MiR

MiR develops mobile collaborative robots (cobots) for industry and healthcare. They ensure high levels of safety when working together with humans.

Enabled Robotics
Enabled Robotics

Enabled Robotics specialises in robot arms and mounts these on mobile platforms. The systems are quick to install and easy to use.

Robotic Equipment
Robotic Equipment

ROEQ aims to effectively exploit the potential of MiR robots. It develops software and robot equipment.

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