Customised robot cells.

Quick. Precise. Ready to use.

We develop customised automation solutions in the form of turnkey robot cells, based on our hardware and software standards.

Robot cells for every purpose

Robot cells are compact automation cells for a wide range of tasks, such as loading, palletising, measuring, analysing, depalletising, pick-and-place, bin picking and many more. JAG Group member Wick AG also offers a comprehensive selection of standard robot cells.

From bin picking to piecework assembly

JAG robot cells offer you all the advantages of robotics. They increase efficiency and reduce production and staff costs by automating repetitive manual tasks and increasing their speed.

Opportunities and advantages
From a delicate, precise grip for bin picking through to swift assembly processes, JAG robot cells work incredibly quickly with great repeat accuracy.

  • Increase quality with mechanical precision
  • Increase productivity with higher speeds
  • Change with no interruption to operations
  • Intuitive operation via self-explanatory interfaces
Robot cells
Robot cells
Customised turnkey automation solutions

Robot cells.

Customised turnkey automation solutions.

Compact information about the benefits of robot cells that we tailor to customer needs and integrate ready for operation.

Success Story

Robotics for medical engineering.

A flexible, scalable automation solution.

Software, cell construction and integration of robots and accessories: a comprehensive automation solution for ambitious project goals.

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