Robotics services.

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We get industrial robots up and running and keep them operating smoothly. We offer independent advice and a wide range of services to ensure this.

Strong services for powerful systems

Year after year, companies rely on robots in logistics and production. The benefits in terms of performance are obvious. Less obvious is the wide range of services that lie behind robotics. At JAG, this ranges from independent consulting to comprehensive after-sales services.

The planning and execution phase

Consulting and conception

We provide an objective overview of the world of robotics and offer independent advice. Should customers require it, we are happy to analyse the entire working environment and develop specific suggestions for how to use robots and digital technology in processes. Our recommendations are based on a thorough analysis of customer needs that uncovers all the potential areas for optimisation. We then design and configure robotics applications that take into account both performance and cost effectiveness.

Planning and design

Not only do we plan the actual robotics application, but we also think of how to incorporate it into production processes. Our robotics engineering experts use the latest planning software here, including 3D planning and simulations of robot cells and workstations. This lets us ensure maximum planning security at an early stage.

Feasibility tests

We use a comprehensive range of feasibility analyses to test robotic movement patterns and work processes. These help to make the right decisions and predict how a specific robotic system will work and prove itself in operation.


We programme robots, sensors and programmable logic controllers (PLC) in-house using the latest software. This includes both 3D planning of robot cells and the previous offline simulation. As a result, it is possible to virtually test production processes in advance:

  • Production processes in a dynamic 3D environment
  • Sequences with realistic behaviour and optimised cycle times
  • Commissioning simulation

This allows us to eliminate potential design errors early on and perfect the flow of information between PLC and robot. It also significantly shortens commissioning time.

Assembly and disassembly

Just like commissioning, the system is assembled under the project manager’s guidance by an expert team of technicians and engineers. This allows us to react flexibly to the needs and conditions of the operation. We are also happy to disassemble or dislocate old plants.


A sophisticated combination of preliminary work, simulations and tests ensure that a robotic system can generally be incorporated into the production process quickly. This always happens under the watchful eye of the project manager, who is available as a contact partner from planning to implementation. During commissioning, we take care of start-up monitoring, availability tests and process optimisation. On top of this, our engineers can provide shift support and train operating and maintenance staff.



Modernisation projects come in a range of shapes and sizes, from upgrades to retrofits. We draft reliable project documentation and support the modernisation from initial discussions to execution. We therefore provide a valuable contribution to protecting resources through retrofits.


To make sure robot systems keep doing their job over the long term, we recommend regular preventative maintenance work. This ranges from software updates and visual inspections of components, sensors and cables all the way to lubricating robot arm joints. We would be happy to compile a tailored maintenance programme for you.


Preventative maintenance reduces the need for repairs. But should you notice any wear or defects, we can ensure quick repairs to minimise any downtimes. We keep frequently used spare parts in stock for this purpose.


Most problems that occur with robotic systems are down to human error. That is why we place great value on carefully training staff in how to use and handle robots. Our training programme covers the following services:

  • Operator training for the respective robotic system
  • Maintenance training for robotics systems
  • Programming training for robotics systems
  • Software training for the JAG robot software


Customer satisfaction depends on system performance. To safeguard this, we offer an all-round service portfolio, from which our customers can compile their very own after-sales programme. Based on regular preventative maintenance, it also includes services that go way beyond a service level agreement:

  • Supply of spare parts and accessories
  • Design and functional changes
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repairs
  • Reprogramming
  • Retooling

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