JAG is the system and distribution partner for MiR robots in Switzerland.

Mobile collaborative robots automate in-house transportation and logistics quickly, cost efficiently and safely.  

We integrate mobile MiR robots into existing production lines.

Mobile robots collaborate with employees and are in synch with other handling and assembly robots.           


MiR100 and MiR200

The MiR100 and MiR200 are cost-efficient mobile robots transporting autonomously up to 100kg and 200kg, respectively.


  1. Easily programmed, no prior experience needed
  2. Easy operation with smartphone, pad or PC
  3. Manoeuvres safely and efficiently around people and obstacles.
  4. Requires no changes to existing facilities.
  5. With built-in sensors, cameras and sophisticated software, the MiR robot can identify its surroundings and avoids safely obstacles and people.
  6. No need to alter your facility with expensive and inflexible wires or sensors.
  7. Can be redeployed with various top modules for different tasks
  8. Fast and central configuration and operation of a fleet of MiR robots with the fleet management system MiRFleet
MiR100 and MiR200 mobile collaborative robotszoom
Der mobile Roboter MiR wird für interne Transporte eingesetzt.zoom
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heavy-duty robotS MiR500 and Mir1000

With a payload of of 500 kg repectively 1,000 kg, the new MiR500 and MiR1000 collaborative and mobile robots can automate the internal transport of pallets and heavy loads easily and cost-effectively. 

MiR1000 heavy-duty robotzoom
  1. Payload of 500 kg resp. 1,000 kg
  1. Transport EU and U.S. pallets
  2. Autonomous loading and unloading of pallets with the MiR1000 pallet lift
  3. Safe and efficient alternative to forklifts and industrial trucks
  4. No additional safety precautions necessary
  5. Requires no changes to existing facility
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Top modules

JAG designs and produces top modules for different transport tasks.

The mobile autonomous robot MiR200 with a top module for EUR pallets. This device increases the payload from 200kg to 350kg.zoom
The mobile autonomous robot MiR200 with a top module for EUR pallets. This device increases the payload from 200kg to 350kg.

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