Solutions for a highly flexible production

We plan and build robot cells and automate complex production processes.

Our solutions range from simple applications with collaborative robots for loading machine tools to complex turnkey multi-cell plants.

The JAG Group has its own Robotics Competence Centre in Porrentruy and its subsidiary R. Wick AG, a robotics specialist with experience from over 300 installed robot cells and multi-cell systems.

  1. Collaborative robots
  2. Turnkey robot cells
  3. Upgrade of production lines
  4. Project and integration services
  5. Smart production


With collaborative robots, manual and automated work steps can be flexibly combined.

We deploy robots for simple and repetitive jobs. In this process, they work shoulder to shoulder with employees, without the need for complex physical separation of automated and manual activities.



  1. Manual jobs can be automated in stages.
  2. Minimal amortization time
  3. Additonal robots can be integrated subsequently to work alongside existing robots.
  4. Swift productivity gains with low investments
Mobile kollaborative Roboter automatisieren interne Transporte.zoom
Mobile kollaborative Roboter automatisieren interne Transporte.

Turnkey robot cells

We plan and build turnkey robot cells for various applications:

  • Loading of machine tools
  • Bin-picking
  • Palletizing, de-palletizing
  • Bin-picking
  • Separation and feeding of parts
  • Pick and place
Roboterzelle in der Maschinenindustriezoom
Roboterzelle in der Maschinenindustrie

JAG PdiCS controls Robots

JAG integrates robots into existing production lines. They perform a variety of handling tasks, such as loading of machine tools.

The powerful JAG robot control system delivers ultimate simplicity of operation and management of a multitude of different handling tasks.  


Upgrade of production lines

  • Intergration of robots in new and existing production lines
  • Upgrade of existing production lines to highly flexible and automated manufacturing cells
Integration einer automatischen Zuführeinrichtung in zwei bestehende Maschinenzoom
Integration einer automatischen Zuführeinrichtung in zwei bestehende Maschinen

Robotics and control system retrofitting

JAG integrates robots into existing production lines. When doing so, it may be worthwhile to retrofit the existing control system.

This results in better integration, a higher degree of automation and higher productivity.


Project and integration services

  • Process analysis, identification of potential for automation
  • Design study
  • Feasibility study
  • 3D visualization
  • Risk analysis
  • Design and construction
  • Evaluation of subsystems, e.g. vision system
  • Implementation of automation solution
  • System integration
  • Lab tests: Test setup and tests at JAG’s own laboratory
  • Commissioning
Werkstatttest einer schlüsselfertigen Roboterzellezoom
Werkstatttest einer schlüsselfertigen Roboterzelle

Smart production

    The JAG Manufacturing Execution System MES is uses for the monitoring, control and optimization of complete, fully automatic multi-cell plants.

    It represents an excellent integration platform for machines and plants with different control systems.


      Other powerful functions are also included that make the JAG MES a platform for digital production: 

      • Collection and analysis of operating, plant and process data
      • Optimization of the plant and the production processes based on performance analysis

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