Value-added services.

Extended equipment service life.

We adapt production facilities to new requirements and make them fit for future challenges.

Change Management

Production systems often need to be adapted to new requirements.

We therefore offer small-scale projects to expand or modify your production plant and plant control system.

To allow such changes to be implemented quickly and without major production downtime, these small-scale projects are handled by our Customer Service Department. 

  • Short implementation times

  • Minimal production downtime

  • Zero or minimal expenditure on requalification of the process plant

Life Cycle Management

The JAG PdiCS automation solution allows replacement of hardware without the need to adapt software.

We guarantee a continuous migration path from the first-generation JAG control system through to the latest generation JAG PdiCS+.

A hardware migration can be done without requalification.

Software Certification

You want to migrate the IT infrastructure or IT peripheral systems to a new platform.

To ensure that the JAG applications function perfectly in the new environment, we offer you appropriate test and certification services:

  • Tests and verifications

  • Confirmation or certification that the JAG applications are functioning in the in the new environment.

Yout contact person

Stefan Schulze

Head of Customer Service

T +41 32 374 30 30