Operational support.

7 x 24 h On-call organisation.

Quick rectification of faults and restoration of system functionality.

Minimal downtime

JAG operates an On-Call Organisation which attends to analysis and rectification of a reported fault within the shortest possible time.

By way of a Service Level Agreement (SLA), JAG guarantees the quality of service, such as scope of service, availability, and response time, as well as speed.

Clients without a Service Level Agreement can also use the Help Desk but will not be entitled to a specified quality of service.

7 x 24h On-Call Organisation

7x24H Help Desk

JAG operates a 7x24 h Help Desk, which takes calls and, depending on the fault and plant, either forwards the calls directly to appropriate specialists or arranges a callback.

On-Call Organisation

The On-Call Organisation is composed of specialists from the plant construction and automation areas who possess detailed knowledge of the plant and can access the plant's control system remotely at any time.

Ticketing System

The specialists tasked with analysis and troubleshooting use a ticketing system to document the reported fault as well as the state of progress in solving the problem.

Standardised procedures

The answering and processing or forwarding of calls and provision of feedback to the plant operator are governed by defined standard procedures. All steps are recorded in the Ticketing System.


In the event of faults, our specialists will provide support to you by remote maintenance so that your production system can be restored to normal functioning as quickly as possible.


  • Restore system functions
  • Ensure plant accessibility


  • Quick analysis and rectification of faults
  • Minimum down time

  • Maximum availability of the plant

Onsite troubleshooting

In the event of mechanical component faults, our servicing technicians will be on site fast.

Troubleshooting is done quickly, efficiently and according to strictly defined escalation criteria.


Software Support for MES and control systems

Software problems are solved by our specialists via remote servicing or on site.


  • Troubleshooting
  • Small-scale projects (system expansions, system modifications)
  • Processing of unresolved issues
  • Performance of guarantee entitlements

IT Support

Remote IT Support

For maximum plant availability and reliability, a perfectly functioning IT infrastructure is essential.

We offer tailored services to achieve that.


  • Targeted monitoring of system-relevant parameters (hardware, operating systems, applications)
  • Long-term observation of parameters to identify possible faults in advance
  • Concepts for data backup
  • Migration projects

Advantages of service agreements

    • Services tailored to the plant and client requirements
    • Service guarantees
    • Maximum system availability and productivity across the entire service life
    • Maximum overall equipment efficiency (OEE)
    • Value retention of the process plant and control system

Support contract
Support contract
example of support contract

Service Level Agreement

Service contracts with specified service features and agreed quality of service.

An SLA contains the agreed plant- and client-specific services allowing the plant to be operated long-term with maximum effectiveness and to be expanded and upgraded at any time.

Your contact person

Stefan Schulze

Head of Customer Service

T +41 32 374 30 30